7 Life-Changing Nail Hacks That You Wish You Knew

Doing your own nails can be a nightmare! The moment you apply nail polish, you think you’re going to have a perfect looking manicure but NO. The opposite of perfect happens and then you’re just sitting there hoping that someone would just come and do your nails for you. But stop right there! You don’t need to think like that at all.


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In this post, I will share with you some of the amazing nail hacks that will save you money and you’ll love doing your own nails. Trust me, I was in the same situation and now I LOVE doing my own nails plus who doesn’t love saving money? Am I right or am I right?!


*This post contains affiliate links for which I may earn a small commission.

Nail Hacks

Use Tape, Vaseline or Glue

This is one of the simplest and easiest hacks when it comes to doing your own nails. All you need is skin glue to apply on your fingers just around your nails near the cuticles. You can also do this using Vaseline. Then, apply your nail polish like you normally would. Once you’re done, let it dry for a minute or two and carefully remove the glue/tape around your nails. You now have perfect and professional looking nails!

Dried Out Nail Polish

Is your favourite nail polish dried up? Well, there are two different and easy ways to fix this issue.

Solution #1

Place the nail polish bottle in a bowl of hot water. Let it sit and warm up for a couple of minutes. Carefully remove the bottle out of the bowl and give it a good shake. Now your nail polish is as good as new.

Solution #2

If you have a nail polish remover handy, then all you need to do is add a few drops of it into the nail polish bottle. Give it a good shake and your nail polish should be ready to be used.

Simple French Manicure

Want to know how to perfect your french manicure? All you need to do is to grab some bandages and tape the round edge below the tip of your nail. Now paint on the tip as the bandage acts as a stencil. Once you’re done, peel them off and finish off with a top coat. Now you got a perfectly looking french manicure!

Easy Nail Polish Remover

Here is a simple and easy hack on how to remove your nail polish without creating a big mess. All you need is a big sponge, a glass jar and of course your nail polish remover. In the glass jar, place the sponge so that there is a hole in the middle for you to dip your fingers in. Add some nail polish remover in the middle of the hole of the sponge. Now you can easily dip your fingers in there without having to use numerous cotton balls/pads.

Simple Matte Nails

Having matte nails just creates a different type of vibe. To get those matte nails, you will need to boil some water in a pot and hover your nails over for a few seconds. And there you have it, your magical looking matte nails!

Solution For Stained Nails

Having stained nails are the worst and super embarrassing! To get rid of stained nails, all you need to do is to add a few drops of white nail polish into your top coat bottle. Mix them together well and apply onto your nails. Now you’ve got healthy and beautiful looking nails!

DIY Nail Dotter

Want to spice up your manicure? Take a bobby pin or a toothpick and dip it in nail polish. Now dab those ends on your nails. Don’t forget to seal them in with a top coat. Now you’ve got a cute polka-dot manicure!

There you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this post about nail hacks. If you tried any of these hacks or have a suggestion of your own, please feel free to add in the comments sections below! 🙂

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