6 Ways To Boost Your Workout

Wondering how you can boost your workout routine? In this post, I will share with you some of the most simple and easy ways you can boost your workout. You’ll not only improve your workout, but you’ll feel good about it as well. So, let’s get started!


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Workout Tips

Follow A Routine

We all know how hard it can get with a busy schedule and trying to stick with a workout routine at the same time. It’s important to stay active and making sure that your body knows what to expect will increase your fitness level and make you more excited to get your sweat on. I normally go to the gym pretty much when I have access to a car. I like to go either early in the afternoon or late at night.

Stay Hydrated

I cannot stress how important it is to drink lots and lots of water every single day. As I’ve mentioned in one of my other posts, drinking plenty of water is one of the most important elements of keeping your skin healthy, young, and bright. Research states that we should be drinking about 7-8 glasses of water every single day. Yes, it might lead to more bathroom breaks but you should be drinking water before, during, and after your workout to help bring your A-game every time!

Eat Before & After

Before Workout: Before you begin your workout, try to have a light snack. Try consuming slow-digesting carbs before your workout so that way you’ll have tons of energy throughout your workout routine. I would recommend eating a banana, oats, or whole grains.

After Workout: Once you’re done your workout, make sure you drink more water. However, if you get bored of drinking water, try drinking coconut water. It’s important to get protein after your workout whether it’s from food or protein powder.

Stretch After Your Workout

Most people think that stretching before your workout is enough. But, stretching after your workout is also important because it not only increases flexibility, but it’s also safer for your muscles to be stretched out when it’s already warmed up. It also reduces muscle soreness and helps to get your muscles back to its original length.

Get Good Sleep

Sleep deprivation causes your metabolism to slow down so it’s very important to get a good amount of sleep. If you don’t get much sleep, then your workout will be a nightmare as you probably won’t stay at the gym any longer than 15 minutes. Having a good amount of sleep gives time for your body to recover and for you to regain your energy otherwise you will be tired and exhausted and won’t get the pump you need in your muscles.

Keep Hand Sanitizer With You

This is a must for me. I always make sure that I carry my sanitizer around with me. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the gym or going grocery shopping, it is a must for me to sanitize my hands after pretty much everything I touch. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and plus no one likes getting sick and going to the doctor. The gym that I go to has one sanitizer in the entire gym. It would have been better if they had sanitizers in every corner. Which is why I take my own with me and you should too! Washing hands alone can reduce illness by more than 20%.

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More Helpful Tips

  • Try to focus on doing the reps properly and not too fast
  • Your muscle should be under tension for at least 30 seconds, so don’t rush a workout just to complete 10 reps
  • Try to set goals, if you set goals you can try to beat them and do better and feel good about yourself
  • Buy a protein powder (you can mix it in a shake)

Well, there you have it! Hope you enjoyed reading these helpful tips on how you can boost your workout. If you would like to add anything then please feel free to comment in the comments section below. 🙂

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