From Thick Hair To Thin Hair By Following These 2 Simple Methods

If you’re someone like me and has a great amount of thick hair, then you definitely want to try thinning your hair out, unless you are happy with the thickness of your hair of course!

Whenever I would go to the salon to get a haircut, I would tell the hairstylist that I want to get my hair thinned out… like A LOT. So, she would go ahead and do exactly what I asked her to. Then, I would go home and wash my hair and then straighten it after, I wouldn’t see or feel any difference.

I know you may be thinking that I am so lucky to have thick hair because not many people have it. But, trust me, it’s way too much to handle and can be annoying at times. So recently, I started to thin my own hair out and I absolutely love the results!

In this post, I will explain to you guys two ways on how you can thin your hair out by yourself at home.

Before I begin, I would like to suggest that you try this with a little bit of your hair first and see if it works out for you.

Method 1: With A Razor

I used to thin my hair out with a razor before I discovered the thinning shear. This is a good alternative if you don’t want to buy a thinning shear.

All you need to do is to take small sections of your hair and twist the section around. With your razor, just slowly stroke the section of your hair going downwards. You can keep doing this with the same section of hair once you feel that you are satisfied with the results depending on how thin you want your hair to be.

Method 2: With A Thinning Shear

This is the method I’ve been using a lot recently. I noticed a huge difference in my hair. It feels really light and I am able to style my hair easily. What you need to do is to buy a thinning shear from your local salon or from a drugstore. They are inexpensive. I bought my thinning shear for $10.

I would recommend working with dry hair. You can do this right before you plan on washing your hair. Also, make sure that there are no hair products in your hair as this may cause the scissors to get stuck in between your hair.

So, what you want to do is to section your hair in small portions as mentioned in the first method. Hold the section away from your head and if you want, you can tie the rest of your hair back.

Use the thinning shear to cut your hair down by placing it in the middle of your hair. Close the shear over your hair and then slowly move it down towards the end of your hair. As you’re doing this, comb your hair out.

Repeat this with the rest of your hair and you should feel and see a difference in no time.

*It might be a little hard to do the back of your hair so you might want to ask someone to help you with that.


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